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The best hiking carrier

If you loved hiking and exploring the outdoors before you entered parenthood, that absolutely doesn't have to change once you become a parent. Though different in so many ways, I have become more of a hiker and lover of the mountains as a mom than I ever had been. There is something special about sharing these moments in nature with your child and also seeing the world through their eyes.

Mother hiking with a mountain in the background and a hiking carrier on her back with here daughter

What you don't want is that all to be spoiled by a lousy hiking carrier or no hiking carrier and just some sore shoulders. So, if you are into taking your kids out on hikes and want to invest in something good, here is my recommendation for the best hiking carrier out there.

The hiking carrier for you

Ok, just kidding. I'm not going to tell you which hiking carrier to get. But I'll narrow it down for you! It's so personal and everyone's body is different, that it's hard for me to tell you which one is right for you.

I will say there are only two worth getting: The Deuter Kid Comfort Pro or the Osprey Poco Plus

I have tried a lot of the other brands that have hiking carriers including the Thule and the Kelty, and I have just way too many complaints to recommend them (especially Kelty--ours broke within the first few uses and I've written and called the company multiple times and they have never responded.)

What I use

I'm a Deuter Kid Comfort fan through and through. It's always been my go-to and we've probably hiked a thousand miles with our kids on our back and I find it incredibly comfortable. I am currently 7.5 months pregnant and carrying my 25 pound "baby" girl on my back, and I still think it's comfortable (though I wish she would walk a little more 🙂

It's an incredibly lightweight carrier, it has plenty of storage where I can hike alone with my two kids and easily carry sweatshirts, water bottles, lunch, and snacks on my own. It's also very sleek and folds up pretty flat which is helpful for camping trips as we are usually packed full and have little room for a big hiking carrier

Mother and her two children hiking in Great Basin National Park with her daughter in a hiking carrier on her back
Hiking in Great Basin National Park with my little one on my back

It's has really good ventilation for both you and baby for those hot hiking days and adjusts pretty easily. We started with an older Deuter Kid Comfort III a few years ago, and it was really difficult to adjust, but this have made some serious improvements to make it much easier.

All in all, I truly love this carrier and it's probably my number one used baby item. It lasts and you can use it for years and years and years, so if you're a hiker, it's well worth the investment.

Why I recommend the Osprey Poco Plus too

I know enough people that love the Poco Plus to know that it's a good carrier. It's well padded, so it's comfortable for both you and baby, super sturdy, well ventilated, and adjusts easily. What I really don't like about it is that it's so unnecessarily bulky. I would have a hard time fitting it in our car on a camping trip, and I just feel like there's so few times (if ever) that you need that much storage. It also weighs two more pounds than the Deuuter, which doesn't seem like much until your carrying a toddler, water, and snacks up a hill.

So while it is comfortable and a well-made pack, it's just not for me. But again, I know enough people that love it as much as I love my Deuter carrier that I think it should be one you still consider.


If you're torn which one to get, I suggest you go to an outdoor shop and try them both on to see which one is best for you, your body shape, and your family.

Please let me know if you have any questions about hiking carriers or hiking with your baby! I'm always happy to help getting you out there with your child!

Transparency is cool! Some of the links in this post are affiliate links, which means at no extra cost to you, the company will throw me a few bucks if you buy through the links. All my recommendations are completely honest and I would never recommend anything that I don't stand behind.


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