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We love working with brands that fit our niche and style. I offer content creation including photography, videography, drone footage, guest posts, and sponsored posts. If you offer products that are great for use when traveling with kids or outdoor gear for kids, we would love to discuss partnering. I also love promoting great destinations by working with tourism boards and hotels.  


Please let me know what your needs are, or if you would like more information about our media kit. Looking forward to working with you!

What our partners say:

"We are super excited to see your next post go live tomorrow! The brand has been loving your live content and has seen how well it has performed. Because of this, they would like to offer you $**** in addition to your current rate for an additional in-feed post." - Leah Goodrich  VizSense, partnership with Bandaid and Neosporin

"Nia, it was such a pleasure working with you! The content and photography shared was beautiful and aligned so well with our brand." Alexander Klumpp, Belleclaire Hotel, NYC

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