Father traveling with our baby son in Morocco, carrying him in a carrier in Morocco


My mentality is that less is more. We really limit the amount of stuff we have and I don't think you need to buy a million dollars worth of products to travel with a baby. I have a very small list of things that would be hard to live without that I wanted to share with you. 


So, without further ado, I give you .... my lifesavers: 

Photo taken at a coffee shop in Kandy, Sri Lanka. Zay can literally sleep anywhere with the help of this sound machine. At this point, it's more like a Pavlov's dog reaction to it. 



This is the product we use more than anything else and easily worth it's weight in gold (actually way more since it's super lightweight)  People always ask us how Zay sleeps on-the-go so well, and the answer is this little portable sound machine. We use it when we are at home, when we're strolling around, camping, transferring him from one place to another, and just literally anytime he is sleeping. This little device has given us happiness in the form of a sleeping baby all over the world. 


My Little Seat (aka: the greatest gift to traveling parents) is a must have for moms and dads who are traveling with infants and toddlers. It’s lightweight, made of durable cloth, and strong. But they pack that greatness into something that squishes down to a small ball that you can easily carry around in your day pack. Most countries we’ve visited haven’t had highchairs at restaurants, so this has been a must-have. Please note that the picture below is of the Totseat (a similar product to My Little Seat). The Totseat was my go-to, but once my son got older and squirmier, he could make his way out of the seat. My Little Seat has shoulder straps to prevent that, AND it's cheaper. Win win! So, My Little Seat is the one I recommend to you.

Our son using the Totseat Chair harness while traveling


Every time a parent uses the GB Pockit Stroller, an angel gets its wings. 


It pains me when we have to check our stroller at the gate. Let’s be honest, it never comes back 100%. The gb Pockit Stroller collapses to a small square, easily fits in the overhead compartment on planes, is only 9.5 lbs, and will last until your child exceeds 55 lbs (my 5 year old nephew isn’t even 55 lbs yet—so this thing will be your bff for a while). Not only that, it astonishes TSA Agents and Flight Attendants alike. Is it the sturdiest and most robust stroller of all time? No. But if you want to travel light, this pne's for you. 

Walking through Paris with our child in the GB Pockit Stroller
ERGO 360


This thing is rugged. Our Ergo 360 has been through mountain treks in Northern Vietnam and The Atlas Mountains; biking in the rice fields of Hoi-An, and siteseeing in Paris and Marrakesh. It’s perfect for traveling light because you can put your baby boo in the front to look out and take in the sites, facing in when he is ready for a nap, and on your back when you're scaling mountains (that sounds a little dramatic). Even with our 23 pound hunk of love, I never felt like my back was breaking and didn't miss a proper (yet bulky) hiking pack.

Mother hiking with baby son on her back using the Ergo 360


In the theme of being dramatic, nothing drives me more nuts than a hard-to-clean water bottle. I’ve bought water bottles for my son in the past that have so many hard to reach nooks and crannies, that they inevitably get moldy. Because I don't bring my plethora of water bottle cleaning devices with me on trips, these are no good in my book. I’m a huge fan of the Thermos Foogo because it’s easy to clean, you don’t need an engineering degree to put it back together, and the material of the devil (plastic) isn’t used - instead it's stainless steel and silicone.

Thermos Foogo


More like Parent Comfort III, amiright?!?! Ok , enough with the Dad jokes. But for real, we used our Kid Comfort III every day over the course of 2 weeks to hike over 100 miles with our Z Baby in tow, and it never caused us any pain—something I can't say the same for with other carriers I've used in the past. Is it a little more costly? Yes. But if you're planning on hiking a decent amount, the extra cash money you spend on this is worth it. Comfort ✔️ Storage Space ✔️ Bells and Whistles ✔️ Sun/Rain Shade ✔️ —it's got it all. 

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