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Me holding my son after doing a camel trek in the sahara


I'm Nia and I'm here to keep it real with you.


Traveling is oxygen for me and, just like breathing, I couldn't imagine giving it up. After my first son was old enough, strong enough, hearty enough, and vaccinated enough to go on his first trip, I took to the internet to see what tips I could get for traveling to alternative places with babies (we like getting dirty).


I kept landing on forums with people shaming parents for traveling to the more rugged places, saying how terrible of an idea it is, and sarcastically writing"good luck".


No no noooo.


Didn't I learn anything after reading pregnancy forums? Forums just kinda suck and seem to always make me feel like I'm about to die. I got no useful information from them, and instead, it just embedded a seed of doubt and nerves that didn't subside until we started traveling. 


So, I created this blog with the goal to normalize traveling with a baby and kids and demystify it for any parents or parents-to-be that are hesitant to take the leap.

I love helping parents and parents-to-be go on adventures, take their first road trip, try out camping, travel to a new country together, and everything in between. These are truly my favorite memories I have with my kids, so its so nice to help other families make unforgettable memories.

Me and Jamie hiking out of the jungle in Colombia before we had our baby


That's me and my boo piece up there. We met fresh out of college in Mozambique where we were both Peace Corps volunteers. Our life together started with weird diseases, odd experiences, unfortunate mistranslations, and adventures that seem a lot more fun in hindsight. Traveling is the foundation of our relationship, and we are happy that we're able to share it with our baby boo now. 

Traveling is different with a baby. Never going to lie about that. Here's some pics of us galavanting BZ (before Z). 

It's different, but I can make a convincing argument that traveling with your children makes it better. Travel on, Wayne. 

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