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Coupling your bike with your child's bike for longer cycling adventures

Since my son could get along on two wheels, we have had some good times cruising around our neighborhood and around parks. We bike around, jump off sidewalks, and race.

But always in the back of my mind is, "how far can we go". If we're doing an out and back, I'm always nervous that at some point his four year old little legs are going to get tired and he will just give up. Then what? We're stranded with a bike and a tired 4 year old (most likely in tantrum mode)—sweeeeeet.

The Followme Tandem

I craved for longer adventures with my kids on bikes. I did some research and found the FollowMe Tandem. a device that connects to my bicycle in the back that can attach to my son's bicycle. He can ride freely on his own bike, then when he feels tired, within 30 seconds I can attach his bike to mine. He can still help pedal if he wishes, but if not, he can just relax and be pulled along.

Since hooking it up, it's been so fun cruising around with the family. I would say the four downsides to it is that:

1. It takes 1-2 hours to originally install. Once the installation is complete on the adults bike though, it's simple to couple and uncouple.

2. It's a little heavy. It's about 12 pounds, which is pretty significant--but a better workout!

3. The company is pretty unresponsive. I've written to them many times with questions I've had and never got a response. I figured everything out on my own, so it's not a big deal, but thought it might be important to mention.

4. You can't use a back rack. This is a little unfortunate because with two kids, that means that I have to start using a front bike seat for my one year old which feels a little less stable.

With the downsides, we're still very happy with it!

Extra accessories that may be needed:

Another Towing Option: TowWhee Bungee

If you are looking for something to tow your child, but the Followme Tandem doesn't seem like the right product for you, there is a also the TowWhee Bungee. It's a bungee cord that attaches to your bike in the back and your Childs bike in the front. For biking, this is primarily used for pulling your child up hills and says it's not recommended for downhill. I feel like it's better for children who are a little older and just need an extra boost up hills.

This is also great for skiing

Extra Accessories

A little annoying that this is not an integrated piece on the bungee, but I would recommend two TowWhee Quick Loops that stay attached to the parent's bike and the child's bike so hookup is quick and easy.

Happy riding!!

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