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Why balance bikes are better than tricycles

When we were kids, tricycles were THE bike. Everyone had one to practice their peddling and cruise the streets with their bike gang. I don't know who first invented balance bikes (I suppose I could look it up), but they changed the game. The idea is that steering and balancing are the difficult part of riding a two-wheel bike; so balance bikes teach these elements, as peddling is simple to achieve once the others are mastered.

Balance bikes are better than tricycles

Kids move the bike by foot-propulsion and eventually start balancing with their feet up. Kids can start riding these bikes as young as 18 months and it's common for children to transition to a regular two-wheel bike much earlier than if they started on a tricycle.

I was sold when I saw it with my own eyes when my nephew started riding at the ripe age of 3 (AGE 3! Daaaang!) after a year and a half stint on a balance bike. So at 18 months, we bought our son the same bike he used, a Strider Bike. It's one of the smallest on the market to start kids young. After a few tries, he cruises and balances and turns heads.

This is why balance bikes are amazing.

The boo boppin' along in her Strider

I am a big proponent of keeping kids active which is why I fan girl over this bike. If you want your kid moving early on, I highly recommend a Strider balance bike. It's perfect for kids ages 18 months to 2.5 years. They also have a lighter weight version that you can add pedals to when your child is ready.. We haven't tried these bikes personally, but if they are anything like the Bopper, I'm a fan.

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