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The ultimate gift guide for adventure families

This gift guide is for a man, woman, or the whole family, and whether they are into hiking, camping or traveling, there is something for everyone.

$50 and under

Can't go wrong with these. They're great for traveling, camping, and even park days to charge up your phone, sound machine, or lights.

A great stocking stuffer that will absolutely get good use.

Polarized sunglasses are a must. Goodr brings them to you, but for only $25.

This is a great massager to use post hike/backpack/ski day or any outdoor activity

This is for car tires, bike tires, and balls. You just set the PSI, and the electric inflator does the rest. Such a cool and helpful little piece of equipment.

Whether you use them around the house or camping, the slippers are so warm and comfortable. Your outdoor loving friend or family member will love these.

Use code BORNABACKPACKER for 15% off your entire order

These would be great for anyone who likes water sports, canoeing, kayaking, or just spending time by lakes or the ocean.

You can't go wrong with a hammock. They're great for park days, beach days, and camping. We take ours traveling and keep it in the car for the summer because you never know when you're going to need it. This would make a great gift!

$100 and under

We love ours from JBL and take them it everywhere: international trips, camping, or the beach.

UPF Sun hoodie

All sun hoodies are not created equal, and to get a good quality one that is breathable and good for the summer, you have to spend some money. With that said, we wear ours all the time and it's worth the investment and would be a great gift for someone you love.

Trail Magik carrier ($70 with discount)

The Trail Magik Kid Carrier attaches to your backpacking backpack or hard structured kid carrier when your littles ones are tired of walking. These are made for kids from the age of one up to 48 pounds. We have used this hiking, backpacking, and it was great to bring it traveling internationally.

They are 15% off until November 30th, and then you get an additional 10% off using my code bornabackpacker

Jamie has worn these pants every single day since he got them (he's actually wearing them in the photo showing the Trail Magik). They're great for hiking and being active, and also very stylish to wear for everyday use. They are currently on sale at REI.

Give your loved one the gift of never having to buy a small, expensive, Coleman gas canister again. We got this at the beginning of the summer and it was a game changer. We saved so much money as these only cost about $3 to fill and they last forever. I highly recommend this for any car camper in your family.

Everyone should keep one of these in their car, especially if they camp. These will jump your car if you find yourself in a parking lot or the middle of nowhere with a dead battery. No need to have another car to give you a jump.

Cotopaxi day pack (varies based on pack)

There are so many different styles and sizes, but you use can't go wrong with these packs. Their colors are beautiful and the quality is top tier.

These power charger revolutionized camping. These are great to have to charge your headlamps, phones, GPS device, or lantern when out on the road.

I love our RTIC cooler. I swear they are the same exact coolers as their much more expensive competitor, but significantly cheaper. I recommend their hard shell coolers if the person your buying for needs an upgrade. If not, their soft shell coolers are great for picnics or beach days.

Recycled Outdoor Blanket ($100 w/ discount)

We love ours and use it all the time. This is a great gift because it may not be something people buy themselves, but it's so helpful to have.

It's an insulated, machine washable blanket made from 100% recycled plastic bottles. It's a 4-in-1 PillowBlanket as it transforms into a pillow, folds into a sleep sack, and snaps to become a waterproof cape.

Use code BORNABACKPACKER for 15% off your entire order


Deuter Kid Comfort ($240 with discount)

Out of all hard structured carriers, this one is my absolute favorite. It's typically $350+, but it's currently on sale at Backcountry for $240!

High quality leather boots that will last forever. I just got a pair for myself because they're that great.


Transparency is cool! Some of these links are affiliate links, which means that the company sends me a small percentage of the sale when you purchase from that link, at no cost to you! It's a win win for both of us, AND we get to stick it to "the man" 🙂. This also helps support me and this blog so I can continue providing you info and tips.


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