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Keeping your baby warm while camping: Baby Deedee product review

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Besides the conditions of camping in general, keeping my babies warm and safe in a tent is what keeps me up at night. We love to camp as a family--it's truly one of our favorite things to do, but I definitely worry about keeping my baby warm and cozy in a tent while still keeping her safe and blanket free.

Enter Baby Deedee.

Our baby in a warm sleeping bag made for infants while camping

I've seen some baby products for camping from outdoor companies that are just so pricey. Infants grow out of clothes within days, so spending a fortune on something my kid will use once or twice isn't really an option. My first thought when I came across Baby Deedee's camping and warm clothing options for infants and toddlers is how cost-effective they were. $42.50 for a warm sleeping bag? I'll take it. But then I was skeptical if it would actually be warm enough.

We took our three month old on a little camping trip to the mountains. Even though it was the middle of the summer, at 7,000 feet up the temperature dropped down to 40 degrees at night. A great time to put our Baby Deedee pjs and sleeping bag to the test!

We put our baby girl in Baby Deedee's Footless Velour Lined Cotton Easy-Zip pjs and Sherpa Booties (pictured below) once the sun went down and there was a chill in the air. The first thing I noticed was how soft the pajamas were on the inside. I felt like an overzealous auntie at a baby shower when a mom holds up a baby outfit she just unwrapped saying, "do they have that in my size?! Hehehe". But for real, it was so soft and cozy, I wanted one for myself.

Camping with an infant and keeping her warm

Our baby girl in Baby Deedee's Footless Velour Lined

Cotton Easy-Zip pjs and Sherpa Booties with her daddy

A touch that I really appreciated and where you could tell they were designed by a mother was the zipper that ran from calf to calf on the pjs to give easy access to change our baby's diaper. We had gone camping with our daughter when she was first born before I had the Baby Deedee products and it killed me to take off her regular pjs to change her diaper. She would cry because she was so cold which made it pretty stressful. So, big nod to Baby Deedee for thinking it all through.

Sleeping infant all warm and cozy while camping

Baby girl taking a mid-day snooze in her pjs. I just

wanted to note the separate zipper to easily change

a baby's diaper without taking the whole thing off.

The booties and warm pjs kept our baby girl warm while the warmth of the sun lingered, but I wasn't sure how she would do throughout the night with her new Baby Deedee Sleep Nest Travel (pictured below). What I like about the sleeping bag is that the sleeves zip off so you are able to adjust it to the temperature. Since it was getting down to the low 40s that night, I kept the sleeves on. Our baby girl slept like a dream. She was warm and cozy the whole night.

My baby boo in her Sleep Nest Travel and her bro looking on lovingly.

Overall, I was impressed with all the Baby Deedee products we used. Between the price, the warmth it gave my little one while camping, and the peace of mind I had that she was warm and safe to give me a good night's sleep is more than enough reason to highly recommend their products.

If you are interested in buying Baby Deedee products for you or an adventurous mom or dad friend, use the code BORNABACKPACKER_20 for 20% your entire order!

Transparency is awesome! Baby Deedee sent me these products free of charge to test and review them. These views and opinions are completely my own and I did not and will never sugar coat any product I review. If something is bad, I will call it out as my allegiance is to my readers who come here for honest and quality recomendations and opinions. Additionally, the links provided are affiliate links which means I get a little bit of money thrown at me at no additional cost to you if you buy the products through the links. Just a way that I can get paid for the work I put in!

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