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30 things to do in Sri Lanka with your baby: a photo guide

Ever think of traveling to Sri Lanka with your kids? It's not a Disney vacation. It's even better.

Watch fishermen bring in their catch.

See ancient cities on 2 wheels

Get love from literally everyone

Say hi to Buddha every time you see Him

Experience and learn about a new religion and culture

Take some of the most beautiful train rides in the world

Enjoy some tea while surrounded by tea plantations

Climb a peak and take in the views

See wildlife up close and personal

Poach fancy hotel pools

Buy and eat the freshest fruits and veggies from the market

Make friends on the train

Have breakfast with a view

Cool off in the shade with a cold coconut

Watch monkey's goof off wherever you go

Eat the freshest fish

Take tuk-tuk rides whenever you can

Join a new family

Make friends at bus stops

Eat like locals

Get lost (not really) in the forest

Take a moto ride

Take a boat ride

Nap it out on the beach

Get a haircut because it's way too hot for all that hair

Search for crabs

Play with new toys

Teach your kid how to do laundry the OG way

Backpack like a badass

Chow down while you wait for the bus

Breastfeed and sweat profusely on said bus

Find a new whip to travel around in

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