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The best kid-friendly things to do in Las Vegas with kids

When we decided to move to Vegas with a baby, I was wondering what my life had come to. Just kidding - it wasn't that drastic of a thought, but I was worried about finding fun and child friendly things. What shocked me is that there is so much to do that we've just gotten around to doing a lot of it.

If you're heading to Vegas with your little ones, whether it be as a stopover on a road trip, a weekend getaway, or to crash your sister's elopement, there is so much to do in your down time that will be a lot of fun for your kids, and probably pretty memorable.


Red Rocks should not be missed if you head to Vegas. I came to Vegas a few times before we moved to do your typical Vegas trip and never even realized the natural beauty that's not a far drive from the insanity. There are lots of great little hikes (and longer ones if you're so inclined) to do as a family.Check out my blog post, Best Hikes in Red Rock Canyon for Kids to see my favorite ones.

Hiking in Las Vegas with a baby


Hurry up! Time is running out on this one. This is an art installation that's unlike most. There is not much to do other than gawk at the beauty and take some cool family photos, but Seven Magic Mountains is absolutely worth it to see it in person. Check out my my post, Photo Guide to Seven Magic Mountains for inspo to take some pretty epic shots.

Head to Seven Magic Mountains if you are in Vegas with your kids and take some epic family photos


Vegas is the up and coming hotspot for pro teams, including the Golden Knights who rocked their debut season in the NHL, and the Raiders who are heading this way in 2020. If you're not willing to spring the dolla dolla bills for the pros, there are other teams that you can watch, like the Las Vegas Lights soccer team and the Las Vegas 51s minor league baseball team. There are also whispers of a WNBA team coming to town!


Bonnie Springs is weird. Let's just get that out of the way. It brings you back to the old west with it's old timey buildings and "shoot-outs". It's super weird but kids love it. There is a petting zoo with lots of different animals, from burros to goats to wolves (I told you it was weird). There is a pond with turtles and ducks galore, and peacocks roaming and squawking throughout the property. There's a little train that takes you for a little ride and can even drop you off at your car if you park in the lower lot.

There is a restaurant there with your typical American bar food cuisine, but if you want to save on cash, it's fine to bring your own lunch.

Bonnie Springs is great to do if you're in Vegas with kids


The Tournament of Kings is for kids a little older. It's a King Arthur inspired, pyrotechnic, live-action show so there are a lot of explosions and loud noises throughout and not for the easily scared kid. It's action packed and super fun though. The audience is seated in a theater in-the-round arena eating chicken and potatoes with their bare hands (the food isn't the most delicious meal you'll have in Vegas, but it's decent enough). It's an experience that is definitely worth it if you're looking to be entertained.

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If you venture to Vegas in the summer months, you will need an escape from the heat. This is not a drill. It gets to scorching temps, so what's better than keeping your kids locked up in your air conditioned hotel room all day? A water park! Wet 'n' Wild is fully equipped with water fun that will last the whole day and a place you should definitely hit up if you don't want to turn into a prune.


Exploration Park isn't necessarily worth a trip out, but if you're in the area, it's worth a stop. It's a cool little playground with a "mountain" (it's a hill). It's a great little "hike" for young hikers, and there is a cool 360 degree view of Vegas and it's surrounding mountains from the top. Starting May 1st, there is a splash pad at the bottom which is perfect for your little ones to run around in after a sweaty hike.

Exploration Peak is a fun thing to do in Vegas with kids


If you're strolling along the strip anyway, definitely head to the Mandalay Bay Shark Reef. I am one to get museum/aquarium fatigue pretty quickly, but this one is totally manageable. It's short, but you can hang around and gawk at all the cool creatures as long as you want.

Shark reef is fun for the whole family if you're visiting Vegas with kids


Speaking of museum fatigue....

The Discovery Children's Museum is a really cool museum for kids of all ages (even kids in their 30s ('s 3 floors packed full of children's activities, play areas, and art projects. There is enough here to spend an entire day and then some. Just be sure to drink water and keep you're energy up. You got this.

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