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Review of the Way B Pico Travel Carseat

You wanna know the absolute worst part about traveling with kids? By a long shot?

Is it the sleep deprivation? The jet lag? the plane ride? Not for me. The worst part about traveling with a baby?

The carseat dilemma.

Do you bring a carseat? Not bring a carseat? If you bring one, how do you transport it? Typical carseats are cumbersome to say the least, and bringing one (or two, or three) along on a trip *could* be really annoying.

Man holding a travel carseat in the middle of a street
Look at that pretty little thing

What's the deal?

This travel carseat is proof that someone out there loves us traveling parents and wants to make our lives so much easier. The WayB Pico Portable Carseat is made of aluminum, making it only 8lbs and folds up small and compact. With the travel bag that fits like a backpack, you can easily swing it on your back and carry it until you install it onto the plane, taxi, or rental car.

With every child, our luggage multiplies on trips, so adding a bulky carseat into the mix? Ain't no one got hands for that. We've carried a regular toddler carseat through airports and bus stations before and it's truly the most annoying, heavy, and awkwardly shaped thing I could imagine carrying. So making the switch to a Pico made a dramatic difference.

Who's this for?

The WayB Pico travel carseat is for forward facing children that are about 22-50lbs and 30-45 inches long. It hits all the same safety requirements and standards as your child's big, heavy, bulky, annoying carseat too! My favorite feature is that it still has the 5 point harness system which makes it safer for your little one.

My oldest son started using it first and now it's the perfect size for my younger daughter. With an expiration date of 6 years, it can be passed down from kid to kid, making it well worth your money⁠—especially if you're planning on traveling a decent amount.

When can I use it?

The Pico is obviously great for travel and throwing it in a rental car. But what else?

I found it pretty easy and quick to install, so using it in Ubers or Lyfts would be a great idea. It would even be a good move to have it on hand at home for when you're heading out and taking a cab instead of your own vehicle. Once you arrived at where you're going, you can easily uninstall it and just have a small pack to carry around instead of lugging a big carseat.

Man holding a travel carseat in a backpack on his back smiling at a young kid hanging out of the car.
The bag for the Way B Pico Carseat is great for when you're on-the-go

As a former New Yorker with a baby, but no car, and an apartment the size of a tuna can, this sort of carseat would have been perfect to have because of the small amount of space it takes up.

This carseat is also FAA approved, which means that you can use it on American-run airlines (at least. If you are flying a foreign airline, check their regulations).

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