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The best perk of the Chase Sapphire Reserve Credit Card

Let me first start off by saying this company isn't paying me to write this (although I wish they were). I'm no Chrissy Tiegan (although I wish I was) and I don't score multi-million dollar endorsement deals (although I wish I did). I am just one traveler, writing to another traveler, telling you to love this credit card.

We got this card in March 2017, and for an entire year, we didn't buy a single flight. At the time, if you spent $4,000 in 3 months, you got 100,000 points. Now, the deal is you get 50,000 points, but believe me, it goes a long way!

The downside? The credit card is $450 year.

The upside? So much.

You get $300 reimbursed each year for travel expenses (which is super easy to accrue since it counts for restaurants, hotels, airfare, and taxis) so if you travel even the slightest amount, you will quickly get that reimbursement. This is without applying or paperwork. The $300 just appears in your account once you reach it. The card will also reimburse you $100 for your Global Entry application and TSA pre-check. I've never been great at math, but I'm pretty certain it pretty closely adds up to the annual fees.


I love the perks of this card. LOVE. Here are a few of my favorites:


This is the absolute biggest perk by far.

How did I live without Priority Pass before? It's a whole new magical world of air travel that is new to me and I'm so glad I'm now part of it. Layovers have got nothing on us these days. For every international flight that we've had, there has been a Priority Pass lounge that has served us well, fit with free snacks, free hot food, free coffee (I'm talking cappuccinos), free drinks (I'm talking alcohol), and free speedy wifi. I LOVE FREE. Each lounge varies in what they offer; some lounges even have a kids area, where there are toys and a TV to keep little ones entertained, and give them a space to run around and scream out their energy.

The amount of money we have saved on food and drinks in airports would quickly add up to the annual fee of this card. I cannot tell you how easy layovers, delayed flights, and airport down-time is now with Priority Pass.

I'll reiterate that this is my favorite perk of the card and worth it just for this. The others are just icing.

This 6 hour layover had nothing on us since we were spoiled with free food, a shower, and massage chairs.

That guy has a chef hat. That's how you know the food is legit.

More wine please


When you use your card for travel and dining worldwide, you get 3X the points, which adds up super fast. On top of that, you get a point per dollar spent. There's also no international transaction fees.


There's a long list of perks and insurance that you get through this card while traveling. From car rental insurance, to emergency medical insurance, to trip delay and lost luggage reimbursement. You even have baggage delay insurance where they reimburse you for essential clothing or toiletries up to $100 a day for 5 days. Don't let damaged or lost luggage get you down. This card has got you!

Image of a Chase Sapphire Reserve credit card

Here she is. Don't mind the mani (or lack there of)


You basically have AAA built right in. If you have car trouble in the US or Canada, you can call and get a tow, jumpstart, tire, locksmith or gas. The card will reimburse you up to $50 four times a year.

I could honestly go on about this card, but that's the gist. It has made a noticeable change in how we travel and the points we aquire through our purchases. I know, it's a credit card company and it's likely to be the devil incarnate in some ways, but as long as you spend responsibly, pay your bills on time, and give them no reason to put on extra charges or interest fees, you win big with this card.

If you decide to get the card, use this link to sign up if you want to send some points my way at no extra cost to you!

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