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One year old travels the world: A year in video

​​​​​​​2017 was a pretty awesome year.

We traveled for 5 months out of the year collectively, we moved across the country via a pretty epic roadtrip, we camped in our cold tent for countless nights, and we adventured more than I ever thought was possible with a baby in tow.

Here's a short video of some of our favorite moments and trips throughout the year (or at least the ones we caught on film). If your New Year's Resolution is to travel more, and the only thing stopping you is nerves, I hope this inspires you to go for it. These experiences we've shared as a family of three—away from the daily grind, wifi, and life's many distractions—have brought us close together and gave us irreplacable memories.

So here's to a new year, pooplosions on airplanes, resorting to plan b, eating rice and beans in a tent, learning about other cultures, and calming a crying baby on long bus rides.

Happy 2018!!!

xoxo Nia

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